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Hi! I am Sophia Ali. I am the face and the mind behind All Things Sofeez. I would love to say that this site was born in a moment of pure epiphany. The truth, though, is that the idea of All Things Sofeez took shape slowly and progressively in my mind, as I lived, observed and learned. It was while working with a retail giant in their HR department that I grew completely fascinated with the buying function. The range presentations, designing, fabric swatches and Pantone shade cards enthralled me. I then completed a course in Fashion and Clothing Technology for working professionals from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Now armed with a certificate from NIFT, I was given the Ladies Ethnic Wear category to handle. The exposure to fabric, design, and styling introduced me to the design culture behind Indian traditional textiles, and it left me with a nascent interest in Indian art and craft. My last assignment was with a leading century-old handicrafts store, where I handled fashion accessories. During my stint with them, I discovered the varied rich and ornate styles of Indian jewelry and had my first brush with the handicrafts sector. This experience and a small stint with Matsya run by a woman entrepreneur stoked my interest in Indian handicrafts and got me mentally toying with the idea of an entrepreneurial venture. It’s a dream come true to be actually living my favorite quote by the great Rumi - "Let the beauty we love, be what we do."

In a country that is quickly adopting global couture and lifestyle influences, there is a danger that the indigenous art and craft of our own culture will die a slow death if left ignored. The specialized skills of artisans from the interiors of India would waste away due to a lack of demand and a rich and diverse artistic tradition would gradually be erased. It was a disturbing possibility, and I wanted to do something to preserve an important part of our heritage and also involve artisans, so they would profit and proliferate.

All of these influences, experiences, and considerations came together and culminated in All Things Sofeez.

Apart from being a devout and happy workaholic, I am also a confirmed feline fanatic! When I am not busy exploring the world of creativity and ideas, I am wanderlust-ing, exploring this gorgeous world we live in.