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We Love Artisans

Wondering what’s special about these classic and timeless pieces that ‘All Things Sofeez’ has in store for you? It is a launch pad for those amazingly creative artisans who have been long ignored. All our products are hand-made. As they are not mass-produced, each product is unique, having its own little delightful quirks. What makes our products stand apart from the rest in the market? The creativity and the ability of our artisans, the people with whom we collaborate. They are a different species altogether. Their eyes observe the most intricate details in the world around them. Their minds always chase after fresh ideas and approaches. Their hands carry myriad blessings in disguise. I personally travel to the remotest interiors of India to source the best possible work-force. The conditions these artisans operate in always humble me and make me appreciate them more. Some artisans are illiterate and seldom have access to technology, which makes communicating with them quite a process! I do my best to communicate customised designs to them and aid the creative process. Those in the more remote parts of the country do not even have access to a courier service and we have to rely on Indian postal services very often. Each and every piece is painstakingly hand-made and can take longer to create. There are several challenges, but the fulfillment that comes from seeing an exquisite end product makes everything worth it! So, every time you buy something from All Things Sofeez, you can be sure of two things: plenty of compliments for your chic style and plenty of blessings because you’re helping the artisans be gainfully employed. It’s my dream that All Things Sofeez makes its mark across India and acts as a showcase for Indian art and crafts globally.

"Life is too short to wear mass produced jewelry. Choose handmade.” Anonymous - A group of women creating beautiful hand-knotted jewelry using the charrakan technique in a small village in Jaipur.
Buy handmade and be in a million, not one of millions!” - Anonymous - The karigar works deftly attaching jewelry components to unfished earrings.
“The beauty of handmade lies in the imperfections. Anything perfect is machine made.” - Hand-knotted anklet in process. The ghunghroos are place at regular intervals creating a beautiful pattern.
“When life gives you HAND, make HANDMADE.” Seen here is a craftsman creating outlines on a blue pottery product. All products are painted by hand.